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REAL-TIME CHAT Use the BeClutch Chat feature for real time communication between group members.
CALENDAR Schedule with BeClutch Calendar. Set availability, receive reminders and request a carpool.
MANAGE FINANCES Member payments in App for seamless management of funds and budgets with BeClutch Finance.
TAKE SURVEYS Gather information about individual availability and preferences by using the BeClutch Survey feature.
GAME ATTENDANCE With BeClutch Attendance know who will be attending an event and who attended past events.
THEMES Use the BeClutch Themes feature to assign the colors and logo that represent your organization.
ALERTS/REMINDERS Inform your group of spontaneous plan changes using the BeClutch Alert feature.
VOLUNTEERS Use BeClutch Volunteers to make any event or fundraiser run smoothly.

App - iOS & Android

BeClutch was designed with the sole purpose of providing a platform for businesses, clubs and teams to communicate and meet all the needs of a group of any size.
Download the BeClutch app for free from the App store or Google play store and choose the bundle that fits your organizational needs.

Contact us

BeClutch launched in 2020 with the mission to help all types of organizations stay connected. At the workplace, at home, on the go, or wherever else you need to stay in touch and stay organized.
We encourage you to contact us at [email protected] for launch dates, company announcements or any other general inquiries.
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